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Who are you?
You have a master’s degree in computer science. You like to get your hands dirty, and you also know how to design larger systems. You routinely make technology choices and design choices, making trade-offs based on the current needs. While you strive for using off-the-shelf solutions, you can design components, frameworks and algorithms yourself when needed. You like to discuss designs with the rest of your team, explaining your ideas e.g. with UML. You are communicative, and maybe you even aspire to become technical team lead in the future.

What will you be doing ?

Work on expanding and improving eXLent, an online measurement platform for the oil and gas industry. You will be doing this in a growing, well-collaborating SCRUM team of 5 colleagues, who take pride in their continuous improvement. Because this is a rather new project, you get to work with a wide range of new technologies. You and your team have all the freedom to determine the approach. eXLent is being built with Node.JS, TypeScript, React and Docker and lots more, utilizing a thorough development and testing process.

What is a typical workday like?
You arrive somewhere between 7:00 and 9:30 am. You quickly check the continuous integration system. Everything is OK: the build, the unit tests, and the end-to-end tests. The code coverage is within limits. In a brief daily stand-up meeting, the team decides on the work break-down for the day. Together with a colleague, you will work on investigating a new feature. The goal is to design the feature well enough so that its implementation can be estimated and planned in the next sprint planning. You and your colleague compare different solutions and discuss the pros and cons of each solution. Finally, you put the results on the wiki and the story goes to “Implemented”. Another story is marked ‘Implemented’ as well, so you perform a peer review. You have a couple of comments, which you note on the story. When they are resolved, it will look great. You go home feeling satisfied. Tomorrow you will be probably working on a new feature.

More info about the company
This company provides the global oil and gas industry with advanced flow computers and measurement and automation solutions. This software is used by the largest oil and gas terminals in the world, working on thousands of devices and servers 24/7. This company is a world leader in the transmission and distribution of electricity, process and product automation, robotization, electric, electronic, and technical installation products and systems. We are at the forefront of innovations, we follow trends and we think along with our customers. We have brought together 132,000 people working together in more than 100 countries worldwide.
Your colleagues in Eindhoven are ready to welcome you with open arms. You work in an independent team proud of its own development. It is a close-knit team of colleagues who collaborate and help each other. You get a lot of space for your own initiatives. Since we work in short sprints of a few weeks, we are flexible, and we can quickly adjust when necessary. We are also flexible when it comes to working hours. We are all there between 9:30 and 16:00 am, but it is no problem if you prefer to start earlier or later. The company has employees from all over the world, so speaking English suffices.

What can this company offer you?
A fun challenge that allows you to apply your know-how and experience 40 hours a week. The work is challenging and hardly ever routine. The result of all your hard work is visible right away. How nice is that? We also offer you a good salary (80k a year) including a 13th month. In addition, you will receive 27 holiday days and 13 reduced working days. We have already mentioned the flexible working hours 🙂

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